What Do Crocodiles Eat?

The crocodile is classified as a reptile that is considered to be one of the strongest creatures today. They are quick and strong which makes them hard to capture and kill. If you come across a crocodile, the best thing to do is go the other way because they are amazing hunters and can easily overpower a human. They are amazing swimmers and can be found both on land and in water, mostly swampy areas.

So what do they eat?

Crocodiles have quite the appetite and their taste allows them to eat basically anything they come across. They are carnivores which means they eat living things and have a liking for meat. They eat pretty much any animal they come across and can even eat humans when they come in contact with them. Since they prefer to live in swampy areas their diets consists of fish, snakes, boars, along with any other animal they come across. Crocodiles have been known to even attack bigger animals like rhinoceroses and don’t really back down from a fight. What a crocodile eats is dependent on which part of the world it lives in. But it isn’t a specific diet they have since they eat anything available to them.

Crocodiles are known to be great hunters. They are quick on land and in the water, which makes it tough for prey to get away from them. Even though they are big, they can easily hide in water and usually attack their land prey near the bank of the body of water they are in. They are sneaky in water which makes it easy for them to attack prey near the bank. They also use the water to their advantage and can drag prey into the water once caught. This allows the prey to die a natural death if they already haven’t from the force of the crocodile’s teeth.

Not only do crocodiles eat living things but can also eat dead flesh. They aren’t picky in terms of whether the prey is alive or dead.

Crocodiles are very territorial and usually attack if their territory is trespassed by anything, including humans. Their form of defense is to attack anything that trespasses and with sheer force. Which usually results in the death of the living being.