Parts of The Eye For Kids

While the human eye may seem small, it has different parts that help you see. Each part of the eye has a specific function that allows it to function properly. Whether it is to help you see, cry, coordinate with other parts of the body like hands, each part is crucial.

The eye is a major part of the body that starts to work from the moment you wake up. They allow you to see the world as it is, the colors, shapes, and so on. It sends information of what you see to your brain so it is processed. It’s pretty amazing how such a small part of the body has such a vital role. The eye consists of the following parts:


The retina is an important part of the eye that picks up images as they are in front of you. The retina contains two cells which help its function called cones and rods. These cells help you determine color, rods pick up the black and white colors while the cones help you see other colors.


The Iris is the most visually appealing part of your eye, it is the colored part that is easily noticeable. The function of the iris is to regulate how much light is allowed into the eye.


The lens is the small part around the centermost part of the eye. It helps you focus on what is in front of you with the help of light.


The pupil is the centermost part of the eye, which is usually dark. The pupil dilates depending on the amount of light that is present and allows light to travel into your eye. In brighter lite areas the pupil is small and in darker areas, it gets bigger.


The cornea is a layer that covers the eyes and is the first part of the eye that comes in contact with the light. The function of the cornea is to allow light to pass and ensure it reaches the entire eye so it functions properly.


This is the white area which you can see in the eye. The area that is around the Iris, lens, and pupil.

Optic nerve

The optic nerve basically connects the eye to the brain. It transmits messages from what the eye sees to the brain so it can make sense of it.