6 Science Fair Ideas for 8th Graders

The science fair is something students look forward to every year. It allows them to think a little outside the box and work with their hands in applying what they have learned in school throughout the year. Some even go above and beyond that and come up with something on their own. We have 6 science project ideas that an 8th grader can easily do and “wow” the panel of teachers at their school at the next science fair.

1. Bottle of Rain Cloud

The weather is something everyone is concerned about, especially when it rains. However, not many people actually know the science behind rain and clouds. To help a student understand the process of rain cloud formation and the process of condensation all you need is a bottle, bicycle pump, and a few other items. This project is certainly going to impress the judges and isn’t too hard to replicate.

2. Ocean Current

The current in the ocean is vital for the survival of the numerous different creatures that live in it. Not only that but there have been numerous different energy developing projects based on ocean currents. Bill Nye not only explains the importance of currents and how they work but also presents a project that can be replicated for a science fair.

3. The balloon that doesn’t pop

We all have been there before, popping balloons is actually a fun activity that kids enjoy. However, there is a way to make a balloon invincible. This video will show you the science behind making a balloon that is not easy to pop.

4. Water Rocket

Who doesn’t like to imagine themselves as a rocket scientist, developing something that can fly? You don’t need all the hardware and money to do that. All you need is a plastic bottle with a bit of air pressure and water and you have yourself an actual rocket, of course not one you can go in.

5. Volcano

How can we have a list of science fair projects with the inclusion of a working volcano? Not only does this project inform the audience of how the volcano functions and its importance, the process of making the volcano is quite fun. However, it is time-consuming and requires a bit of vigilance so be sure to keep that in mind.

6. How the body breaks down food?

This experiment lets the student replicate the process that occurs in our stomach and intestines. It allows them to demonstrate for the audience the exact process of digestion in our organs which is informative and cool at the same time.