Is a Duck a Bird?

The question of ducks being birds is quite common as many people are puzzled whether or not ducks can be classified as birds. To answer this question, we need to look at what characteristics does a bird have. According to the National Wildlife Federation, a bird:

  • Have Feathers
  • Are vertebrates with a backbone
  • Are warm-blooded
  • Female lay eggs
  • Have wings, while not all can fly

Ducks have all these characteristics and therefore are considered to be birds. They are also “waterfowls” meaning they enjoy the water and can usually be found near a body of fresh water like a pond or stream. Ducks are also the smallest of their relatives, geese and swans.

In order to help them swim, ducks have webbed feet. They act like paddles in water while it also has them waddle on land. Interesting fact about duck feet is that they don’t have any nerves or blood vessels which allows them to swim in cold water without feeling cold. You would think that ducks wouldn’t be able to do much in water with soaked feathers. However, their feathers are waterproof, they have a gland in their body that produces oil near the tail which spreads throughout the outer body. The oil ensures the feather doesn’t get wet and they can comfortably stay in water.

Do all ducks quack?

It is common knowledge that ducks “quack.” It’s how they communicate with one another. However, some ducks like the Wood Duck doesn’t “quack” they squeal instead.

Their habitat

Ducks generally like being around a body of water so they are usually found near ponds, rivers, lakes, wetlands, marshes, and even oceans. Like a lot of other species of birds, ducks migrate every year. When winter comes, they travel to a location with warmer waters so the water isn’t frozen. They can travel thousands of miles at times to get to a warmer climate.

How to tell a male apart from a female duck

A male is known as a drake while a female is known as a duck. Drakes tend to be more colorful than ducks. Ducks are dull because it allows them to camouflage from enemies when they are nesting.

With that, we end our lesson on ducks. So now you know exactly why ducks are considered to be birds.