8 of The World’s Most Poisonous Fish

Planning on taking a dip in the ocean? While most people tend to look out for sharks, there are actually quite a few fish that can cause serious damage to you, when you come in contact with them. Now, most marine life is harmless unless you provoke them, they aren’t going to go out of their way to harm you. So the next time you take a deep water dive, be sure to look out for these fish.

1. Crown-of-thorns Starfish

While starfish are generally harmless, this is the only type of starfish you need to watch out for. It doesn’t look like your typical starfish since it has thorns that are attached to its body, which should be a sure sign for you to beware from them. If you come in contact with a Crown-of-thorns Starfish, it stings you with its thorn releasing venom that will cause intense pain. The area may even swell but the sting isn’t deadly.

2. The Surgeonfish

The Surgeonfish is mostly found in reef areas and while it is colourful and exotic, this is a fish you don’t want to go near. The fish has knives like spine attached to its tail which are normally dormant. However, when it feels threatened these spines are activated and it attacks with its tail. If you are stung by the fish then you can experience extreme pain, hypertension, and even death due to hypovolemia.

3. Pufferfish

While the Pufferfish may not be dangerous “under the sea,” it contains a lot of toxin that can prove to be deadly to humans. This is only the case, when it comes to eating the fish. It is a delicacy in many countries and needs to be cut and cooked in a certain manner to ensure the toxin, tetrodotoxin, is not consumed. That is why chef’s have to be certified in order to serve this dish.

4. Scorpionfish

Another exotic fish, the scorpionfish is related to the lionfish and stonefish. Found in tropical regions, it carries its poisonous venom in its fins. If you come in contact with it, chances are you will have shooting pain in the contact area, which will spread through the whole part of the body. So if you come in contact with your feet, the pain will spread throughout the legs.

5. Boxfish

The Boxfish may seem harmless and like a little box with eyes and a mouth swimming around, don’t be fooled. These fish are harmful and when threatened they release the poison they contain into the water which affects all the creatures in the direct vicinity. The poison can impact and start to destroy red blood cells and severely impact the respiratory system.

6. Stingray

The Stingray by the name sounds dangerous. It contains spines in its tail which it whips to attack anything that threaten it, sort of like a scorpion. Depending on the severity of the whip, the tail at times even comes off and attaches to the victim. The spines cause severe damage, resulting in bleeding and the venom in these spines can cause muscle cramps, pain, and swelling. In extreme cases, it may even result in death due to heart failure.

7. Stonefish

You can easily mistake a Stonefish as a rock and boy would that be a mistake. The fish has spines on its fin and most people come in contact with it by accidentally stepping on it. Which results in excruciating pain in their feet and leg. The easiest solution for it to stop is actually amputating the body part that is in contact, feet or leg. The reason for that is if the poison travels elsewhere in the body it can result in death in a few hours.

8. Jellyfish

While jellyfish may seem harmless we all know how dangerous they are with their shocks. A jellyfish on its own shocking you will cause you extreme pain in the area. However, if you are attacked by a group of jellyfish at once, their shocks can result in death.