Top 5 Wooden Ride on Toys for Kids

One might probably be wondering why wooden rides? The answer is simple they are much cooler than plastic. Wooden ride toys gives the toddler the comfort of using something that they can actually relate to, it is just almost like playing with sticks. Also wooden toys are also environmental friendly than plastic which you have to recycle.

Toddlers 5 Best Wooden Rides

1. Wishbone 3-in Original Bike

Toddlers Best Wooden RidesThis the best tricycle bike for a toddler to have fun with around the house before heading outside. The box incorporates a drawstring material sack for keeping the instruments and parts for transformation in one place.

The strong cardboard box that holds the bicycle is incredible as it can be put away when it is not being used. Or, then again, In the event that you need to reuse the box, Wishbone has printed cool toon characters onto the cardboard for you to remove and create sets to play with. This toy guarantees durability as it is strong as it looks, nice way to save. If you are an active family with a little toddler around one who is just about to turn 1 year, this is the perfect pick.

2. Prince Lionheart Balance Bike

Highlights of lionheart bike are:- Wheels come standard with more extensive twelve inches pneumatic elastic tires.

Prince LionheartBalanceBikeNo brakes or hassocks. Ruler Lionheart adjust bicycle is not outfitted with brakes or hassocks and neither both things are accessible for procurement. The utilization of brakes or hassocks is not seen fundamental by generally guardians. The reason for not having breaks is to make the child to be more cautious while having fun. This helps the child grow judgment wise in decision making.

Recessed jolts, these are in charge of keeping both the kid and the parent from getting scratched. Realizing that there are bolts on bicycle’s construction, guardians can use their Allen wrench once more. The bolts ought to be tightened once a while since using it for long does loosen them.

Prince Lionheart Balance Bike One


  • Teaches coordination, steering and balance
  • Sturdy design inspires confidence
  • Great step for transitioning to pedalled bikes
  • Simplistic no-fuss design
  • Fairly lightweight
  • Eco-friendly, wood harvested from renewable source
  • Pneumatic air tires ensure a smooth ride
  • Easy to assemble

3. Diggin Active Skuut Wooden Bike

Made with birchwood with 12-inch pneumatic rubber pressurized tires. Adjustable seat heights, recommended for toddlers 2-5 years old. This one amazing bike, it is non-pedaled and this puts it at its own level. What manufacturer intend here is to ensure the toddler gets fun by being physically engaged outside since the kid will have to create momentum before he/she can enjoy a ride on this amazing bike.

Highlights of digging active skuut:-

Skuut Wooden Bike

  • Has wooden frames and handles; which is made out of birch wood and treated with polish lacquer covering. To guarantee security, every one of the parts of the casing are held together with metal jolts. Since the bicycle utilizes birchwood, Skuut winds up plainly one of the eco-friendlier bicycles accessible for children in the market.


  • The most minimal seating stature accessible is 13 inches while the most highest is 17 inches. And after that, changing the seating stature isn’t that easy to use either on account of the wooden edge that requires the evacuation of jolts dissimilar to metal bicycle outline with clippings.


  • Grant winning bicycle: Skuut is a honor winning bicycle so guardians can get it with full certainty. A few honors incorporate the Oppenheim Gold Seal Award, The National parenting center seal of approval.
  • spoke-less tires: This gurantees the toddler safety while riding the bike. The spokes on the standard bicycle tires could without much of a stretch cause wounds through children’s feet or jeans stalling out in the middle of them. The skuut wooden bicycle does exclude any spikes.
  • constrained controlling;- meaning kids have lesser odds of smashing.
  • Eco-accommodating: Wooden casing, non-poisonous lacquer.

4. Zum-CX Wooden Balance Bike

81UwFUSOrqL. SX522Made of sustainable harvested birch-wood, with rubber hand-grips and rubber air tires. Adjustable seat going as low as 12 inches and as high as 17 inches. Padded vinyl seat for added comfort. A great choice for tots from 18 months right up to 5 years of age. The wooden adjust bicycle has a shockingly durable frame. The bicycle itself weighs only 7 pounds, however holds the body weight of a toddler. A wheel size of around 16 inches makes it versatile to unpleasant territory as required. The birchwood edge is shockingly durable and will hold up to included weight sizes.


AdvantagesZum-CX Wooden Balance Bike New

  • Sturdy Design Supports Weight
  • Convertible bike
  • Wood Is Harvested Sustainably
  • Safety Mechanisms In Place
  • Tires Have A Durable Design

This is good toy for your kid to go outside with and learn balance and coordination.

5. Bikestar 12 Inch Kids Balance Bike

This is certainly a star in the realm of adjust bikes. The bicycle dons an exquisite frame decorated in extravagant examples. It is covered with a particular paint intended to resist impact.

Bikestar 12 Inch Kids Balance Bike


  • This is certainly a star in the realm of adjust bikes. The bicycle dons an exquisite frame decorated in extravagant examples. It is covered with a particular paint intended to resist impact.
  • This bicycle is one of the lightest in its class. At only 8.8 pounds, it gives the comfort of simple lifting, moving and transportation.
  • The handlebar is 21.6 inches over the ground and gives the safety of a controlling limiter. The bicycle has an ergonomic seat that can be set to a tallness of 14.6 to 16.9 inches.
  • 12-inch swelled tires guarantee smooth rides both inside and outside. The bicycle comes 90-percent assembled and takes just 10 minutes to assemble everything.