How to Learn the Parts of a Flower for Kids

Learning parts of a flower can sometimes be confusing to the kids. You need to get creative in the way you train the little ones if you are going to hack through this basic science class. In our endeavor to make your science class more interesting, we have devised few creative techniques to use in your science class. Take a look.

Flower Art Activity

If you are training your kids the different colors of a flower, prepare an art activity in which the kids will use crayons to color different flowers in different colors. The task is simple really. All you need to do is get a good illustrator who will draw the roses, lilies, daffodils, tulips etc. You will then get the kids to identify which flower is a rose and what color a rose is. They will then color the illustrations using crayons.

Come Up With Flower Rhymes/Printouts/Quiz

The best way to learn different types of flowers and their parts is to come up with a rhyme that will help the kids remember.

Parts of flower Rhyme:

Sang in the tune of the muffin man

Oh, do you know the parts of a flowerthe Parts of a Flower

The parts of flower. The parts of a flowers?

Oh, do you know the parts of flower

That make glow and shine

The female parts, the female parts

The ovules in the ovaries

The ovules in the ovaries

Held together by style and opening into the stigma

The male parts, the male parts

The anthers and the filament

The anthers and the filaments

All together called the stamen

The other parts, the other parts

Petals making the flower beautiful

Sepals protecting the flower

And pollen grains fertilizing the ovules

You can augment the learning materials with a quiz. To encourage the kids to learn, give a present to the kids that emerge the top three. Visit this website and see a sample quiz that you can use in your elementary science class.

Alternatively, you can get out a printout and let the class color and label the flower diagrams.

Interactive Parts of a Flower

There are hundreds of digital learning materials online that makes learning about flower parts more interesting. You can either use the learning material or take the kids out into the field to collect flowers and physically identify the flower parts.

PowerPoint Presentation of the Parts of a Flower

Use your slides creatively by introducing each part of the flower and its functions. After the kids have understood the part, go to the next slide and so forth until you can have the whole flower completely labeled.

Once you are done with the flower parts presentation, you can then have slides of the flower parts without their labeling and test the kids’ memory. You will be surprised by how much they can remember. It is important to reward those who get the answers correct so that you can encourage the others to pay attention.

Create a Chart of Flowers by State

This may be for a more advanced class, but it will be very interesting. You can divide the class in teams of 5 kids and then divide the states in the US among them. Each of the team will come up with the most popular flowers in a particular state and try to identify the various parts of a flower for each of the flower they pick.

Making a flower Activity

The best way to go about this is cut out the different flower parts and paste them on piece of paper. The kids would then label the various parts of the flower as you oversee to ensure that they label correctly. This is a picture that will stick into their minds forever. Practical experiment have been found to last in the children’s memories longer than theoretical.

Buy Wild Flowers Coloring Books

Go to the nature and science stores and buy flower coloring books. Ensure that each of the children in your class have at least 30 flowers to color and label. After the kids do the assignment, make sure you test their understanding of the subject using PowerPoint pictures of the various parts of the flower. Visual learning is better than all other forms of learning.

Great Resources for Learning Parts of a Flower

Utilize the FlowerColoringPages.Org

If your budget does not allow it, visit the above website and get hundreds of flowers to color and print. All you need is to download the flowers, print the pages and then assign the kids the coloring activity.

Microsoft Design Gallery
The Microsoft Design Gallery is one of the greatest sites to get flowers to label. Visit the website and in its search box, type flowers and you will have hundreds of flowers to choose from.

 Flower Crafts at
If you are looking to get some inspiration to train your children about flower parts, try the

Flower Crafts for Kids

Teaching kids has never been hard. Their brains are empty and are looking to be filled with good content. The more creative you get, the more the knowledge you transfer to them and the higher the retention of the said knowledge.

There is nothing as interesting as looking at the eager children trying hard to soak everything that you are training them. Their innocence bring tears into your eyes. You feel the weight of the responsibility put on your shoulders. You will work very hard not to fail at your job. The above material will help you in your endeavor to deliver the best education to the little ones. Not one of the above materials is enough. By mixing up the ideas in the various resources, you will have better insights on what to teach the kids. We envy what you are doing…we wish you best of luck.