How To Use A Volcano Vaporizer

When you think of vaporizers, the first thing that comes to mind is probably something like an “exotic” contraption that can only be used for aromatherapy. Maybe something like a space heater or humidifier…right? We’re sorry to burst your bubble but all those assumptions are WRONG! A vaporizer is simply any device that allows users to inhale vapors rather than smoke from a substance. 

In other words, it extracts the active properties from plants or herbs, rather than burning them and producing carbon ash in the process. While there are various types of vaporizers on the market, one of the most unique yet simple devices is the volcano vaporizer. It has been known as one of the best ways to enjoy aromatherapy at home. If you’re intrigued by its capabilities but aren’t sure how to use a volcano vape… read on!

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What Is A Volcano Vaporizer?

A volcano vaporizer is a kind of herbal vaporizer that heats herbs or essential oils to a temperature where active ingredients are released as a vapor. This vapor is then inhaled using a special breathing bag. A volcano vaporizer can be either an herbal vaporizer or an aromatherapy vaporizer, depending on how it is used. When vaporizing herbs, it’s an herbal vaporizer. When vaporizing essential oils, it’s an aromatherapy vaporizer. 

It extracts the active properties from plants or herbs, rather than burning them in order to produce smoke. Vaporizers use extreme heat in order to create pure vapor. The benefit to this method is that there is no burning involved, which results in purer flavor and a much higher quality of experience. 

When it comes to herbal vaporizers, there are two types: conduction and convection. Conduction vaporizers heat herbs in direct contact with the heating element and create vapor via the process of conduction. Convection vaporizers heat the herbs with hot air and create vapor via the process of convection.

How Does A Volcano Vaporizer Work?

There are two basic parts of a digital vaporizer – the herb chamber and the balloon. The balloon is a fabric bag that is used to inhale the vapor, and the herb chamber is where the herbs are placed and heated. The herb chamber is filled with loose spices or ground herbs and placed in a vape-specific “popcorn” bowl. 

The chamber is then heated with a fan, which draws air through the chamber to the balloon. The fan blows air through the chamber, where it heats the herbs. The air passing through the herbs is much cooler than the chamber itself. When the air reaches the balloon, it has a higher temperature and density than outside air. The difference in pressure causes the air in the balloon to be sucked into the lungs.

To use the volcano vaporizer, place the bag of herbs in the heating chamber along with a small amount of water. Once the bag is sealed, the valve is opened to allow air to flow through the bag and the herbs. The heat source heats the air in the bag, which causes the water to evaporate and the herbs to become vapor.

The valve is then closed, and the vapor is drawn through a tube and into the bag. The bag is then removed from the heating chamber and allowed to cool before the user inhales from it.

Why Use A Volcano Vaporizer?

The healthiest way to enjoy your herbs is to vaporize them rather than burn them. Burning herbs produce tar, carbon monoxide, and other toxins that can lead to respiratory problems. Vaporizing herbs doesn’t produce tar-like burning them does. Instead, it causes the herbs to release their active ingredients into a vapor. 

Vaporizers produce vapor that is much higher quality than smoke, making the experience much more enjoyable. Vapor is absorbed into your bloodstream faster, feels more intense, and lasts for a shorter amount of time. 

The herbs in the bag do not actually burn, so there is no smoke or ash that is inhaled. In fact, the only thing that is inhaled is vapor, which is much cleaner since it doesn’t contain carbon or other harmful toxins. 

The vaporizing process extracts the maximum amount of active substances from the herbs in the bag. This means that you get more out of each load of herbs that you put into the bag, especially when compared to combustion methods such as smoking.

Pros of Using a Volcano Vaporizer

It’s easy to use. Simply plug it in, grind your herbs, place them in the bowl, and turn on the fan. You’re good to go! You can “tune” the vapor according to your preference. You can adjust the temperature to create a lighter or richer vapor or a combination of both! It’s efficient. The volcano vaporizer uses fewer herbs than when you’re smoking. It also allows you to take bigger inhalations.

The volcano vaporizer can be used to vaporize a wide range of herbs and other substances, including dry herbs, liquid extracts, essential oils, and herbs. It can also be used to create either large or small bags of vapor, making it versatile. Vaporizers are much cleaner than combustion methods, meaning fewer harmful toxins are inhaled. 

Cons of Using a Volcano Vaporizer

Even though it uses fewer herbs, you may end up spending more on herbs. It might not be as portable as you hoped. While many vaporizers can be easily transported, this one might not be ideal for taking with you. Since you’re using a balloon to inhale the vapor, it becomes obvious what you’re doing. 

Because the vapor is darker than smoke, it can stain the bag over time. If it becomes clogged, the unit will shut off and you’ll have to clean it or replace it. The bag might not be easy to replace. If the bag rips or breaks, you’ll have to replace the entire unit. The volcano vaporizer is the most expensive vaporizer on the market, although it generally comes with a high-quality design.

Final Words

If you’re looking for a healthier way to enjoy your herbs, the volcano vaporizer can be a great solution. But, before you buy one, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, the volcano is a hefty investment. If you’re just starting out with vaping and aren’t certain that you’ll like it, a cheaper vaporizer might be a better option. 

Second, it’s essential to choose the right model. The volcano has various versions, so you’ll want to make sure you get the one that’s right for you based on your needs. Finally, you’ll want to maintain and clean your vaporizer regularly to ensure the longest possible life span.

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