How To Make A Windmill

Windmill has been a huge source of energy throughout history. However, making an actual windmill requires a lot of equipment and knowledge. We have a do-it-yourself guide that will help you make a tin can model of a windmill with just 7 easy steps.

Step 1

You need to get a tin can, any regular coke can work. Wash it out thoroughly and let it dry off. You then need to measure the can by its circumference and divide it into 6 equal segments. Make sure to do the division lengthwise and not by width. You can mark these segments with a permanent marker so you know exactly where to cut.

Step 2

For safety measures, you want to wear goggles and gloves. With a scissor, you can cut along the lines you have made for each segment. When you get halfway down the can, you can stop. Leaving half of it cut while the rest is as it is.

Step 3

With the help of a hammer, you want to straighten out the blades you have cut. You can do this by bending each segment with your hand, wearing gloves of course. Then the hammer to completely flatten and straighten them out. You may need to hammer both sides of each blade to get a smooth blade.

Step 4

To give the blade the smooth look and feel, you will need to sand it with a sandpaper. Run the sandpaper on both sides of the blades and the edges. The process will allow the paint to easily stick to the blades.

How To Make A Windmill

Step 5

Spreading newspaper on the table or floor, you can now spray paint the can whichever color you like. When spray painting you should wear a protective mask so you don’t inhale the fumes. Apply the first coat of paint and allow it to dry. Then you can apply another coat using a polyurethane spray.

Step 6

Now to work on the stand for the windmill. You will need a wooden dowel to serve as a stand. Lay your can windmill on the wooden dowel and it should intersect the can’s center easily. You can then nail the tin can to the dowel, at the center of the can. Make sure when you nail the center, you wiggle the nail around so the hole is slightly larger than the nail, it allows the windmill to turn easily.

Step 7

The tin can windmill is done. You can now place it out in your yard.

Make sure you have adult supervision as you work on the tin can windmill. Also, wear the the proper safety instruments to ensure you do not get injured. Tin cans can be sharp and easily cut through skin so covering yourself up properly is important.