Glow In The Dark Stickers Constellation

Glow in the dark items have been quite popular for decades now. The glow in the dark trick is especially popular in toys and decorations that really make the object stand out, especially in the light dim or dark settings. There is just something about the glow in the dark element that attracts both children and adults to objects that glow in the dark. That is why more and more products are becoming glow in the dark.

How does the “glow” element work?

Phosphors is the main element in products that glow in the dark that give it that special glow. It is a substance that once energised it radiates light. Phosphors is commonly used in television screens, computer monitors, and fluorescent lights.

When it comes to glow in the dark toys, you need to make sure the phosphor used is easily charged with normal light and has a long lasting effect. Two of the most popular phosphor used that have these attributes are Strontium Aluminate and Zinc Sulfide. Zinc Sulfide isn’t as strong as Strontium Aluminate in terms of how long the glow lasts therefore Strontium Aluminate is more commonly used. The phosphor is then mixed with plastic and molded into the shape of the object.

Glow in the dark stickers use a similar approach in which phosphor is used to enable them to glow. Constellations are the most popular type of glow in the dark stickers you can find. They really add a little extra to your room and liven it up when night falls. They help bring the stars inside, giving an aesthetic appeal to the room.

If you are really looking to add something special to either your or your kid’s room  then we really think you should consider:

Liderstar Glow In The Dark Stars Wall Stickers

Glow In The Dark Stickers Constellation

Our rating: 4.8 out of 5                            Cost: $


Low price

Wonderful design, looks like actual stars on the ceiling

Blends well with the ceiling when the lights are on, doesn’t stick out much


None really, just a few people have complained online that the glow wears off rather quickly. However, we had no issues with them.

The Liderstar Glow in The Dark Stars are just what you need to really liven up your nights. You no longer have to stare up at the boring white ceiling as you doze off to sleep. With these stickers, it actually feels like you are sleeping under the naked sky, gazing upon the beautiful stars. These stars actually look realistic, they aren’t the typical five pointed side stars you find in children’s room. These are dots, and look like the actual stars you would see if you were to walk out at night.

The stickers have a strong hold, once you apply them to the ceiling they only come off when you decide to remove them. Unlike, the cheaper stickers you find that peel off on their own. These stars are energised quite fast, within just 5 minutes of exposure to light, you can turn the lights off and watch them glow. Not only are these stickers wonderful for your kid’s room but also add a romantic element in your own room. At its low price, these star constellation stickers are definitely ones you should give a try.

It is easy to get tricked into buying glow in the dark stickers that either don’t stick well or glow for a long period of time. It is important that you make sure that the phosphors element within the sticker is one that lasts. Not only that, if you truly want to get the constellation effect, make sure you get rounded stars rather than those childish five sided pointed stars. They make a big impact on the aesthetics of the room and how good, real the constellation actually looks in your room