Fun Facts About Sharks

Sharks have forever been feared by humans and some even worshipped them. Their strength and speed make them a fearless predator underwater. This has also caused humans to study and learn more about sharks in more depth to get a better understanding of them. Here are some fun facts about sharks:

  • Not all sharks are big, the dwarf shark grows to an average length of a man’s hand.
  • The largest shark can grow to be the length of a bus, the species of shark is the whale shark.
  • Human’s actually kill more sharks than shark kill humans. On an average, there are a 100 shark attacks per year with roughly 10% of those resulting in death. While humans hunt thousands of sharks per year for their skin, liver oil, and meat.
  • There are over 350 known species of sharks.
  • If a shark has a large meal, it can go months at a time without having to eat again.
  • Shark are the lions of the sea kingdom, they rule above all.
  • Shark has a tendency of attacking more men than women.
  • The bull shark is a unique shark that can live in salt and freshwater.
  • Shark has a keen sense of smell and hearing. They can smell a drop of blood in a million drops of water while they can hear a fish from a mile away.
  • A reason why their sense of smell is so strong is that about 2/3rd of their brain is dedicated to it.
  • You can calculate the age of a shark by calculating the vertebrae on the shark.
  • A shark can lose and grow up to 30,000 teeth in their lifetime.
  • A sharks density may be lower than the water that surrounds it but it still doesn’t sink. The reason for this is because of the oil in their liver.
  • Female shark tends to be bigger than males and have thicker skin.
  • Shark pups start hunt quite early, they usually consume weaker siblings right after birth.
  • Out of the 350 known shark species around 75 are considered to be endangered.

Sharks are one of the most intriguing animals we find underwater. Hopefully, these facts have helped you learn a little more about them.