Best toys for three year olds

Are you one of the hundreds of parents getting increasingly overwhelmed as their babies rapidly grow up? Looking for ways to support and enhance your favourite three year old toddler’s growth and development, through play and fun? Look no further, as this is the definitive article on educational, children toys. According to studies, when looking to facilitate a child’s natural course of development, we should be aiming to provide stimulation on a cognitive, emotional, physical or social level – or any combination thereof. The following list of toys has been compiled to provide parents a colorful, age-appropriate palate of options to address their children’s need for fun, while simultaneously providing substantial educational activities, in order to maximize their development as far as their potential goes.

1.0: Product List:

    1. Orchard Toys Flashcards
    2. Ladybug Memory Game
    3. Gears! Gears! Beginner’s Building Set:
    4. Teeter Popper
    5. Teaching Cash Register
    6. Garden Tools & Book Set – Little Hands
    7. Brain Quest for Threes

2.0 Product Description:

2.1 Orchard Toys Flashcards

Orchard Toys Flashcards

Designed to inspire development of reading and number skills in kids, ranging from simple to progressively more complex words and numbers, Orchard Toys Flashcards is a perfect fit for parents looking to mentally stimulate their children. Containing 50 large, double-sided flashcards, durable and resistant to long use and age-appropriate through colorful, bright illustrations, this board game was created to make education enjoyable for toddlers. Striking a perfect balance between education and gaming value, this is a natural fit for parents interested in nurturing a child to create a positive relationship with learning. Highly recommended.

2.2 Ladybug Memory Game

Ladybug Memory Game

Interested in enhancing visual recognition, memory and motor skills in your children? The Ladybug Memory Game might be just what you need. With sixteen images shown through an equal number of slots, test your kid’s memory by covering them all up with sixteen black wooden spots. Taking turns, children grab two dots from the game board – if the revealed images are matching, they get to keep the dots. If not, they have to put them back. At the end of the game, the child with the most dots wins. It is simple enough of a concept, yet invaluable in developing your memory. The game includes five distinct memory sheets, and three progressively more difficult levels. Measuring eleven inches in diameter, and made extra safe, the Ladybug Memory Game is bound to keep a 3 year-olds interest and provide quality, educational fun.

2.3 Gears! Gears! Beginner’s Building Set

Gears! Gears! Beginner's Building Set

This 95-piece set of gears is designed to provoke sparks of imaginative thinking, creativity and logical planning to your child. A natural fit for the naturally curious, filled with hundreds of design possibilities this toy set is going to captivate a toddler’s attention for dozens of hours. The gears can be assembled horizontally, vertically or even upside down, enabling an outstanding number of patterns while sporting vivid colors and sized specifically to fit the toddler’s little hands. It will undoubtedly improve one’s problem-solving capacity and address their curiosity, while providing nearly endless fascination and fun.

2.4 Teeter Popper

Teeter Popper

Feeling ready to provide your kid a great opportunity to develop strength, stability and impressive motor skills? Teeter Popper should be just round your alley. An amazing purchase, this toy will fixate on your child’s face a look of intense fun and concentration like no other. Immensely versatile, highly durable, Teeter Popper provides stimulation of the senses and engages the kid in productive, physical activity for hours: Standing, sitting, wiggling or rocking.  As addictive as it is fun, this toy would be the ideal gift for an energetic pre-schooler in need of a productive outlet for their hyperactivity.

2.5 Teaching Cash Register

Teaching Cash Register

This product is designed to enhance a kid’s financial literacy through a variety of interactive games. Not only will your children learn how to count, but they will be rewarded with vibrant lights, sounds and positive voice messages to make the process more engaging and enjoyable for them. Sporting three levels of difficulty, size-appropriate and durable, Teaching Cash Register is a great way to practice their addition, subtraction and coin recognition skills for a long stretch of time. Moreover, this toy naturally inspires role-play between players, playing on the role of the customer or employee, and thus promotes group-play, having substantial carry-over to other social activities.

2.6 Garden Tools & Book Set – Little Hands

Garden Tools & Book Set – Little Hands

Specifically created to spark interest in outdoor activities in very young children, this set has everything you need to introduce your toddler in the fun of gardening, provoke eco-friendly thought and inspire productivity all at the same time. Including a fun book filled with 6 simple gardening projects along with a quality set of gardening tools, this garden set will gift your kid plenty of healthy fun outside immediately. The garden box set is a completely viable choice for every parent desiring to bring their child closer to their natural environment, and provides a creative alternative to the current, electronic trend in toy-making.

2.7 Brain Quest for Threes

Brain Quest for Threes

Why not share in on the fun playing with your children? This product is designed to enhance your children’s essential learning skills, through three-hundred questions of varying difficulty. You just pick a card, read it out to your offspring, and the guessing game commences. Teacher-approved, with full-color illustrations, Brain Quest for Threes enables parents to disguise teaching in the form of playing, guaranteeing a strong educational head start to their kids in a controlled and interactive way.

3.0 Learning does not have to be dull

toys for three year olds

This list, while certainly not exhaustive of the dozens of available, high-quality toys for toddlers, should provide a solid basis for further research by interested parties, bringing much needed order to the chaotic confusion often striking parents wanting to make the best possible choices for their kids. Please, do take note how three year old children are perfectly ready to engage in mentally challenging, educational activities. As a parent, you should encourage your child’s inclinations and provide ample opportunities to ignite their love for learning at every chance you get. It is established that kids who start doing well educationally early, keep doing well at later points in their lives, riding on the backs of their initial head-start.

Learning does not have to be dull. It is well within a parent’s reach to enrich a child’s early childhood through a steady supply of skill-promoting activities packaged in the form of fun little games.  Benefits for the kid range from an increased sense of emotional well-being, and healthier social relationships, to increased physical activity and mental development. Not to mention the invaluable gains in family cohesion and stability, a direct cause of the naturally occurring togetherness of playing.