Are Rabbits Nocturnal and Other Facts About Them

Rabbits have become one of the most popular pets to keep after dogs and cats. You can find rabbits in many homes, however, there aren’t many people that know a whole lot about rabbits. We have some basic facts about rabbits for you.

Are rabbits nocturnal?

Rabbits are crepuscular animals. This means they are most active during dusk and dawn. They aren’t nocturnal or too active during the day either.

Are rabbits territorial?

Yes, rabbits are territorial. You want to provide the rabbit with plenty of room to move around and if you keep other pets in the home, then you want to make sure they have their own spaces. While a rabbit wouldn’t attack another animal, it won’t be too happy when they have to share space.

Can I take the rabbit to any vet?

It is recommended that you take a rabbit to a vet that is familiar with working with rabbit. You want to find a vet that has a specialization in lagomorphs rather than your average vet.

How do I know my rabbit is happy?

Rabbits are fairly silent pets but there is a way to tell when your rabbit is happy. Rabbits “purr” when they get happy. It isn’t the same purr sound as cats, rabbit purrs sound more like teeth lightly chomping. It sounds as cute as a cat’s purr.

Any grooming tips for a rabbit?

Rabbits teeth and nails constantly grow. As far as the nails go, you want to trim them every 5 weeks. For their teeth, you want to make sure you give them a wooden chew toy so they can grind down on them.

Can I leave them outside?

It is recommended that rabbits be kept indoors. They can easily be preyed on or hurt by bigger animals including dogs. You can take the rabbit outside as long as you are monitoring it but never leave it in the yard by itself, even if it is fenced.

Will rabbits get along with your other animals?

Rabbits are fairly shy creature around other animals. You can certainly keep a rabbit along with other pets, but it would take it some time to adapt to them. As long as you provide the rabbit and other pets their own space and allow them to roam around as they please, it should be fine. Restricting the pets into one space can further complicate the getting along the process.