5 Longest Bones In The Body

The human body really is pretty amazing when you stop and think about what it actually does, how it functions, how many little and big pieces go together to create the exact person that you are. This article is going to review the 5 longest bones in the human body. There are a total of  206 bones in the body, most of which are located in the feet and hands, which leaves a large part of the body for the remaining bones. This must mean we have some pretty large bones throughout the rest of us, so let’s get started, here are the 5 longest.

A cool fact about bones are that they are a lot stronger then you probably think, there have been a lot of tests to determine just how strong and it is clear that your bones are four times stronger than concrete, and in fact a cubic inch of bone can actually withstand almost 19,00 pounds. This amounts up to almost 5 pick up trucks!

  • Femur. The femur is by far the longest bone in the human body almost by 3 inches, it measures in at 19.9 inches. The Femur or commonly known as the thigh bone is pretty impressive, just look at your thigh in comparison to the rest of your body and it’s not hard to notice that it would in fact be the longest bone you have in your body. The Femur actually runs the distance from your hip down to around your knee area.
  • Tibia. The Tibia is the second longest bone in your body measuring in at 16.9 inches. The Tibia or commonly known as the shin bone is one of the bones you can really feel with your hand, rub your fingers along your shine and you should be able to feel the whole thing.
  • Fibula.  The Fibula is the third longest bone in your body, measuring in at 15.9 inches long. The Fibula also known as the lower leg bone is also one that you can actually feel with your hands. This bone goes from your knee down to your ankle area.
  • Humerus. The Humerus is the fourth largest bone in the body, measuring in at 14.4 inches long. The Humerus is the also known as the upper arm bone, this bone runs from the shoulder to you elbow.
  • Ulna. And lastly, the fifth largest bone in your body is the Ulna, the Ulna is measured at 11.1 inches long. The Ulna is also known is the lower arm bone, this bone runs from your elbow don’t to your wrist.


Bones, even though are extremely strong do break on occasion, depending on the age of the person will determine how long it will take before the bone heals, usually around 12 weeks is how long it takes before the bone heals to a degree in which you will be able to put pressure on it, much longer until you will be able to start playing sports again.

When you really think about these bones in your body it’s easy to see that they are indeed the 5 longest in your body. They all play a very important role in your motor functions, injuring any of these bones can be extremely painful and would take a long time to heal. Make sure that you exercise alot and drink a lot of milk to keep your bones strong and healthy, they are too important to take advantage of.

Not only are these bones just sitting in your body, but everything is actually attached to them, your muscles use the bones as a kind of home base, so all the muscles in your legs and arms are all attached to these long bones giving you the strength to do everyday activities, as well as all the sports that you love to go out and do are all thanks to the bones and muscles in your body.