The 4 Best Interactive Toys for Toddlers That Increase Brain Power

When we think about toys, we generally think that toys are for kids to have fun. While that is true, there are interactive toys that can aid in toddlers development, increasing brain power. The toys give them a hands-on activity that allows them to be engaged, have fun and learn all at the same time. We have a list of 4 interactive toys for toddlers that will help develop and increase brain power.

1. Building blocks

Building blocks

If you truly want to develop your child’s imagination and allow them to be creative then building blocks are a great interactive toy to buy for them. Whether it is a set of legos or any other type of building block, you can really trigger their imagination. The blocks allow the child to make whatever they please. Coming in different shapes and colors, the structure made is appealing and creative. The whole process stimulates their mind, making them think and be more creative to make something from a box of blocks. This truly engages the brain and helps it develop.

Just make sure when you buy the blocks for toddlers, they are bigger in size. That way they cannot swallow them.

2. Puzzles


Puzzles are a fun way to get your toddlers to work on hand-eye coordination and logic reasoning from an early age. You want to get big puzzles that aren’t too complicated otherwise your child would become frustrated easily. Maybe even help them the complete it the first time so they understand how it works. The whole process gets them thinking critically, which piece fits where, and there is also a sense of accomplishment once they finish the puzzle.

3. Interactive Football Table

Interactive Football Table

This particular toy is quite fun as it allows the child to think they are playing foosball while also teaching them math. As they play a little foosball, the game allows them to count number through scoring goals. It doesn’t stop there, it has other activities that promote education as it plays nursery rhymes in English and Spanish to help them learn words.

4. LeapstartLeapstart

The Leapstart is a perfect toy that promotes problem-solving and encourages reading. It is a toy that is easily suitable for kids from 2 onwards. It comes with books and you can also buy more books for it. It has a stylus that allows your child to go over the word and an audio plays reading to them. So they can have story time at any time without having to wait for you. Best of all, this one toy won’t annoy you or guests too much.