3 Math Card Games for Kids to Boost Math Skills

Are you looking for games that you can play with cards to help boost the math skills of your child? Games can easily be utilized to help children learn, they are a fun way to teach a skill. We have 3 math games you can play with a deck of cards that will help your child learn math and problem-solving skills. All you need is a deck of cards to play these games.

I spy

2 people can play this game

Using only the numbered cards, you need to lay them out completely on a table.
Once laid out, the first person says “I spy with my little eye” then adding two numbers in their head, “two cards that equal (added number)”. The other person has to guess which pair of cards the first person is talking about from the set on the table.
When the child guesses correctly, the pair of cards can be picked up and the player that guesses it, keeps it. The aim of the game is to have the most card at the end.
If player one guesses wrong then the person that spied gets to keep the cards.
The game goes on with each player taking turns spying and guessing.

Add it up

Up to 4 players can play this game

You will also need paper and pencil to keep score for this game along with a deck of cards. (Picture cards equal 10 and Ace equals 1 while all the number cards equal the number stated on the card)

This game is simple, players take a turn drawing 3 cards.
When the first player draws 3 cards and sets them on the table together. All players have to quickly add the numbers in their head and say them out. The first person to guess correctly gets a point.
You can play this game until a player gets 10 points or as many as you want.

Fast facts

2 players can play this game
Remove the Aces from the deck

Split the deck into two equal piles. Make sure the cards are facing down and set them on a table.
Both players take the top card from the pile and turn it around on to the table.
They then have to guess the product of the two cards.
The first person to guess the product right gets both the cards. If it is a draw then the cards are left on the table.
In case of draws, the players pick up two more cards and guess the product of those cards. The one that gets it right first takes all the cards that are on the table, facing up.
In the end, the player with the most cards wins.