10 Interesting Facts about Hydrogen

Hydrogen is one of the most common element in the universe. We have 10 facts about the element that you probably were not aware off.


1. Hydrogen is so abundant that it makes 10% of the weight of organisms. The element is present in proteins, fats, and water. It makes up about 75% of the universe’s mass and is present in stars and the sun.

2. When liquified, liquid hydrogen density is the lowest amongst all liquids. The element itself is the lightest of element.

3. Liquid hydrogen is commonly used today. NASA uses it as a fuel and it is very common in petroleum and chemical industries also.

4. Humans cannot detect hydrogen due to the fact that the element is colourless, odourless, and has no taste. So it cannot be detected by the senses.

5. The element is highly flammable, but it needs air and an ignition source to catch fire.

6. Hydrogen is considered to be one of three elements that were produced by the Big Bang. The other two are helium and lithium.

7. Without hydrogen, life would cease to exist in the world. Life requires solar energy and the sun uses hydrogen to provide solar energy by converting hydrogen to helium.

8. If you were to react hydrogen with chlorine, fluorine, and oxygen it would result in an explosion.

9. The hydrogen atom is the only atom for which Schrodinger’s equation gives an exact solution.

10. The element is the simplest of all elements. A molecule of hydrogen has 2 each of electrons and protons.