Parts of The Eye

Parts of The Eye For Kids

While the human eye may seem small, it has different parts that help you see. Each part of the eye has a specific function that allows it to function properly. Whether it is to help you see, cry, coordinate with other parts of the body like hands, each part is crucial. The eye is a…

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Is a Duck a Bird

Is a Duck a Bird?

The question of ducks being birds is quite common as many people are puzzled whether or not ducks can be classified as birds. To answer this question, we need to look at what characteristics does a bird have. According to the National Wildlife Federation, a bird: Have Feathers Are vertebrates with a backbone Are warm-blooded…

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Fun Facts About Sharks

Sharks have forever been feared by humans and some even worshipped them. Their strength and speed make them a fearless predator underwater. This has also caused humans to study and learn more about sharks in more depth to get a better understanding of them. Here are some fun facts about sharks: Not all sharks are…

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